Six Common Mistakes Novice Body Builders Make and How to Overcome Them

Fitness is the key to a perfect life but the way individuals attain that level of fitness could be tricky. Body building has become pretty famous, since the media has started having a great deal of influence on individuals. It is becoming a business in which the priority isn’t just to train your muscle, but also to shape you up.

However, it is a known fact that sometimes such acts perform more than their intended purpose. Just like they have their pros, they also have cons; especiallyif you are not doing the right exercise in the right way.

But hey! That’s okay, because everyone from amateurs to experts with the best of bodies make mistakes, and from those mistakes they learn. If the case wasn’t like this, then every professional would be winning marathons and every athlete would be a perfect one.

We make some mistakes because we don’t know about them, whereas others come in disguise of the fact that we’re doing well in our workout routine. If you have just started working on your body, it is important that you start considering the following things.

At some point of your workout routine you will commit common mistakes, so it’s better that you’re aware of them from before. Take a look below:

  • Too much work in too little time

Working too much on your muscle is a good way to start things, but any thing in excess can be bad for your health. If you work too much on its building at the start (round about an hour or maybe thirty minutes added) every single day at the gym, it can result in the complete opposite of what you’re expecting to achieve. It can make you highly ineffective leaving you demotivated, fatigued and possibly physically hurt.

The solution to this is that you spend no more than an hour at the gym working on your specific muscle. Make sure that you don’t allot even a second more than thirty minutes to one body part. If you get tired, then you would fail at sustaining the decorum of your workout and it would all be a waste.

  • Taking it up all on your own

It is true that your priority as soon as you start working out is to build up those biceps and make that chest, sexy. But that’s not the way to go about it. You need to create a base first which will make you stronger and more masculine. How?

By indulging in composite exercises such as squats, rows, dead lifts and presses. These movements impact your body as a whole, working on the muscles; they don’t just cater to one body part.

So make sure that at least for the first year, you don’t isolate your body parts and work on composite exercises as they will keep you harmonized. They will also maintain the body balance which will help you avoid injuries in the future.

  • Looking up to someone else’s workout pattern

Expert bodybuilders have many years of experience in working on their body. A beginner should never try to follow the same routine as a pro. Through years and years of practice, these experts have figured out what is good for them and what isn’t (in terms of exercises).  Hence, when a layman would start working out the same, it wouldn’t result well.

Beginners should make their own workout routine based on their stamina and level of motivation. Its not that they can’t consult the expert’s routine; rather they should for guidance, but never ever try to imitate it fully.

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  • Irregularity

When individuals start to work out, usually bodybuilding is not their priority. They are far less motivated than they would be after a year in that practice. What they don’t understand is that consistency holds immense importance, so does regaining their strength and following the diet they are assigned.

Hence, make sure that for the perfect body you desire, you follow a perfect routine. Don’t let your social life clash with the workout pattern.

  • Relying too much on protein supplements

Yes, we’re all in a race and everyone wants their perfect body as soon as possible. That is the reason why they start taking protein; which helps you in attaining your desired results even faster. This has become a business through which many amateurs are harmed, as illegal supplements penetrate the market as well.

The solution to this is that you shouldn’t take supplements without consulting your trainer; one who has tried and tested it.What are the best legal steroids

  • Bad eating habits

Just like you need to maintain consistency while working out; it is essential that you also eat healthy. Beginners usually aren’t used to a nutrition filled meal plan because of which they suffer in building that muscle.

Follow the simple rule,  ‘you are what you eat’. If you won’t allow the right kind of foods to enter your body then you will not be able to attain the right kind of results you want at the gym!

Learn from these errors and work that body!